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18th February 2014
We have released another new game. Jungle Blocks is a puzzle game where you need to light the fires in the quickest time and collect as many stars as possible. Over 45 levels await plus bonus content. Play online or download on Android, click here to play now.

18th February 2014
We have released a new game. If you liked Crack The Safe then you will love The Lost Rooms: Basement. You are stuck in darkness and don’t know what to do. Feel your way around and try to work out how to escape. Play online or download on Android, click here to play now.

13th February 2014
Fixed bug that stopped Barking Games Solitaire from starting in some cases. Click here to play.

12th February 2014
Membership functionality has been added to the site. You can now login and manage your account without having to do it in Barking Games Solitaire. Plus very soon we are planning to release a new game with membership functionality. You can also subscribe to our new RSS feed.

13th March 2013
We have released an update for Crack The Safe. This update changes the rule around selected items, you no longer need to deselect items in order to zoom into safes, open doors etc. Click here to play Crack The Safe.

12th March 2013
Fruity Snake is now available on Android and is free! Click here to play the web version.

5th March 2013
We have released a new game. It is called Crack The Safe and is a room escape game. Play online or on Android, click here to play now.

5th March 2013
The new Barking Games website is complete. We have moved from to With this move is a brand new website with a brand new design. We are also now focusing on our own in house games. We are also committed to releasing all new games on Android and maybe iOS in the future. Let us know what you think of the new site on Facebook, twitter of google+.

5th January 2013
Released version 2.2 of Barking Games Solitaire. This update includes the following:

  • Support for smaller resolutions.
  • Filtering on menu.
  • 42 new games.
  • Different backgrounds.
  • Improved design.
  • Better help and stats.
  • Multi level undo/redo.
  • Better truncation support for touch devices.
With this update Barking Games Solitaire now contains over 150 different games! If you haven't already, click here to play now.

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